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Tier One Blaser R8 TacRings


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These fantastic new scope rings attach to your existing Blaser Saddle mount replacing your standard rings. The classic styling compliments this elegant rifle perfectly and with a ring width of 26mm, they can secure any scope effectively and ensure no movement occurs, even under the heaviest of recoil.

Because of our ‘One Hit’ machining method where all critical dimensions are machined in one setup, thus eliminating any error, we are able to offer these rings in both 0 and 20 MOA to allow the customer to use their rifle to its full potential. Supplied with Titanium ring cap screws and Stainless saddle attachment screw.

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Blaser Rings

30mm 0-MOA, 30mm 20-MOA, 30mm 8-MOA, 34mm – 30mm Reducers, 34mm 0-MOA, 34mm 20-MOA, 34mm 8-MOA, 34mm TAC Ring Accessory Rail, 36mm 0-MOA, 36mm 20-MOA, 36mm 8-MOA



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