DonnyFL Moderators

We are super excited to let you all know that we are now the distributor for DonnyFL moderators. Donny makes some of the best airgun moderators in the industry. He not makes the best moderators for all your high-end air rifles but he also provides excellent customer service and satisfaction. He knows full well the importance of quality and doesn’t sacrifice that over sales.

He says that his goal is not to just sell an awesome airgun moderator, but build a friendship and we think this is a fabulous way to conduct business and are very happy to share that work ethic!

Donny has been making moderators from the US market for a number of years and we are so pleased to be working with him in bringing them into the UK.


So if you have any questions or indeed would like to get one of Donny’s awesome moderators please get in contact with us or buy on our webstore!