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Bespoke shotgun shooting lessons:


Our chief instructor is a world-renowned shooter with many accolades having won several world and regional titles. We are proud to say that all our instructors have learnt from the best. Each instructor being able to add their own flair and style to their coaching methods gives students and shooters the chance to learn in a style that will suit them.

We offer lessons from 1-2 hours and can cover any aspect of shotgun shooting. If its pre-game season practice or a total novice we will have you covered.

We also offer a comprehensive training program with laid out goals and course book material for a 12-lesson plan.

Contact us for more information.


All our courses are available 6 days a week. Contact us to secure your space on 01173009956 or


Introduction to Shotgun safety and shooting:

The aim of this course is to equip the candidate with the knowledge, understanding, skills and awareness required to undertake basic shotgun shooting.  It is an ideal course aimed at the beginner or novice shot to improve shooting skills.

This is a one day course which will provide the novice or less experienced shotgun shot with a sturdy foundation of knowledge. There is no requirement for you to have your own shotgun. Safety, law and technique will be dealt with in a classroom situation moving on to the shooting ground for the practical aspects which will deal with stance, eye dominance and shooting technique. The course will offer the candidate plenty of time on the clay ground using a variety of shotgun types.  You may of course bring your own shotgun(s) if you do please bring with you your current shotgun certificate.


All our courses are available 6 days a week. Contact us to secure your space on 01173009956 or