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Firearms safety course:


The aim of this course is to introduce those new to firearms and to refresh those who may be returning to the sport to ensure a level of competence. This one-day course aims to take the students through the relevant safe handling and safe shooting requirements to meet the reasonable expectations relating to public safety. The course combines a training room based input with practical experience on the range with various rifles. On completion of the course you will be awarded our Firearms Safety Certificate. This is accepted by most Constabularies in the UK as evidence to support your application for a firearms licence. 


All our courses are available 6 days a week. Contact us to secure your space on 01173009956 or 



Bespoke firearms and rifle shooting course:


Braces can offer some fantastic facilities for rifle shooting tuition, with expert instruction and a comprehensive rifle range.

Successful rifle shooting depends on receiving the proper tuition from a skilled and qualified professional shooting instructor on a formal shooting range. Our resident rifle instructor is not only an expert at target shooting over a range of calibres and shooting positions, but he is also a fully qualified and experienced hunter having travelled all over the globe.

We are not only here to instruct, but also to advise clients on the most suitable rifles for a quarry. Clients undertaking a bespoke rifle shooting course can expect to learn the following essential areas: Safety, Calibre Suitability, Positional Shooting, Stalking Techniques, Breathing Control, Rifle Maintenance, Aim Points, Bore Sighting, Understanding of Ballistics, Zero-ing, Use of Open and Telescopic Sights and many other areas of rifle shooting.

Our range offers 100 – 200 yard targets from a fully weather protected position with a 50 yard option also available. All the normal stances can be practised including standing, sitting, kneeling and prone.

These sessions need to be pre-booked and are normally minimum duration of 2 hours. All the equipment needed for the period of the lesson is provided. This will include an appropriate rifle (you are welcome to bring your own) but we have a large selection of calibres available for client use. Suitable safety equipment including both hearing and eye protection are also provided.


All our courses are available 6 days a week. Contact us to secure your space on 01173009956 or